Accepted Research Papers

#4. Human expert-level automated sleep stage prediction and feature discovery by deep convolutional neural networks.
Michael Sokolovsky, Francisco Guerrero, Sarun Paisarnsrisomsuk, Carolina Ruiz and Sergio Alvarez.

#9. Automatic Classification of Prostate Cancer Gleason Scores from Digitized Whole Slide Tissue Biopsies.
Hongming Xu, Sunho Park and Tae Hyun Hwang.

#10. Deep Learning Benchmarks on Gene Expression Data.
Matthew Mcdermott, Jennifer Wang, Wen Ning Zhao, Steven D. Sheridan, Peter Szolovits, Isaac Kohane, Stephen J. Haggarty and Roy Perlis.

#14. A Data-driven Approach to Predict Epileptic Seizures From Brain-wide Calcium Imaging Video Data.
Jingyi Zheng, Fushing Hsieh and Linqiang Ge.

#20. DeepNcFun: a deep-learning based approach for non-coding RNA functional prediction.
Teresa Maria Rosaria Noviello, Michele Ceccarelli and Luigi Cerulo.