Accepted Research Abstracts

#6. DeepRibo: precise gene annotation of prokaryotes using deep learning and ribosome profiling data.
Jim Clauwaert, Gerben Menschaert and Willem Waegeman.

#7. Adverse Event detection in Twitter: results from the WEB-RADR consortium.
Lucie Gattepaille, Tomas Bergvall, Sara Hedfors Vidlin and Johan Ellenius.

#8. Deep learning for de-identification of case narratives in reports of suspected adverse drug reactions.
Eva-Lisa Meldau, Sara Hedfors Vidlin, Lucie Gattepaille, Henric Taavola, Lovisa Sandberg, Yasunori Aoki and G. Niklas Norén.

#18. Opioid Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities.
Gowtham Atluri and Taehyun Hwang.