Welcome to BIOKDD 2022 !

Bioinformatics is the science of managing, mining, and interpreting information from biological data, and data mining plays an essential role in addressing the fundamental problems in Biomedical Informatics. The annual BIOKDD workshop is an established forum for researchers and practitioners of Biomedical Informatics and Data Mining to explore cutting-edge techniques and to exchange ideas and experiences. BIOKDD has been successfully held in conjunction with SIGKDD for 20 years.

The goal of the 21st International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD 2022) is to encourage KDD researchers to solve the numerous problems and challenges in Bioinformatics using Data Mining technologies. Based on the organizers’ expertise and communities for this year’s BIOKDD workshop, we will feature two closely related themes “Biomedical Ontologies” and “Biological Data Visualization”. These themes encourage the knowledge graph community and the data visualization community to work together to solve the many challenging problems in Bioinformatics with new perspectives. We also welcome broader research applying data mining to address biomedical problems. The key goal is to accelerate the convergence between Data Mining and Bioinformatics communities to expedite discoveries in basic biology, medicine and healthcare.

Besides full workshop papers, we are also soliciting abstracts that introduce preliminary research outcomes to increase research impact and to nurture collaborations, and late-breaking research that introduces published work with exceptionally high practical significance.

Authors of all accepted submissions will be allocated time to give an oral presentation, and as our tradition, full workshop papers will be invited to publish in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB). Quality abtracts will also be invited for extending into a full journal article for submission in TCBB.