Accepted Research Papers

#2. Improving Ultrasound Tongue Image Reconstruction From Lip Images Using Self-supervised Learning and Attention Mechanism.
Haiyang Liu and Jihan Zhang.

#4. Predicting Potential Drug Targets Using Tensor Factorisation and Knowledge Graph Embeddings.
Cheng Ye, Rowan Swiers, Stephen Bonner and Ian Barrett.

#5. Finding Overlapping Rmaps via Gaussian Mixture Model Clustering.
Kingshuk Mukherjee, Massimiliano Rossi, Daniel Dole-Muinos, Ayomide Ajayi, Mattia Prosperi and Christina Boucher.

#6. Retinal Microvasculature as Biomarker for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases.
Anusua Trivedi, Jocelyn Desbiens, Ron Gross, Sunil Gupta, Rahul Dodhia and Juan Lavista Ferres.

#7. Multiple Organ Failure Prediction with Classifier-Guided Generative Adversarial Imputation Networks.
Xinlu Zhang, Yun Zhao, Rachael Callcut and Linda Petzold.

#8. Biocode: A Data-Driven Approach for Learning How Biological Networks Grow.
Emre Sefer.

#11. Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning with Expert Diversity.
Raquel Aoki, Frederick Tung and Gabriel Oliveira.

#14. Multi-Modal Detection of Alzheimer's Disease from Speech and Text.
Amish Mittal, Sourav Sahoo, Arnhav Datar, Juned Kadiwala, Hrithwik Shalu and Jimson Mathew.