Accepted Research Papers

#22. Learning Prognostic Models using Disease Progression Patterns: Predicting the Need for Non-Invasive Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. [PDF]
Andreia S. Martins, Marta Gromicho, Susana Pinto, Mamede de Carvalho and Sara Madeira.

#29. MGATRx: Discovering Drug Repositioning Candidates Using Multi-view Graph Attention. [bioRxiv Link]
Jaswanth Yella and Anil Jegga.

#13. CovidNet: To Bring Data Transparency in the Era of COVID-19. [arXiv Link]
Tong Yang, Kai Shen, Sixuan He, Enyu Li, Peter Sun, Lin Zuo, Jiayue Hu, Yiwen Mo, Weiwei Zhang, Pingying Chen, Haonan Zhang, Jingxue Chen and Yu Guo.

#31. Explainable CNN-attention Networks (C-Attention Network) for Automated Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. [PDF]
Ning Wang, Mingxuan Chen and Koduvayur P Subbalakshmi.

#26. A Deep Learning Pipeline for Patient Diagnosis Prediction Using Electronic Health Records. [slides]
Leopold Franz, Yash Raj Shrestha and Bibek Paudel.

#7. Scalable Bayesian Functional Connectivity Inference for Multi-Electrode Array Recordings. [PDF]
Yun Zhao, Richard Jiang, Zhenni Xu, Elmer Guzman, Paul K. Hansma and Linda Petzold.

#17. Cross Attention DTI: Drug-Target Interaction Prediction with Cross Attention module in the Blind Evaluation Setup. [PDF]
Kyohei Koyama, Kotaro Kamiya and Koki Shimada.

#34. A Data-driven Approach for Assessing the Impact of Re-opening Order and Non-pharmaceutical Interventions on the Spread of COVID-19 using Time-dependent SEIR Model. [PDF]
Fauziya Yakasai, Ismail Abdulrashid, Yuexin Li, Nedret Billor, Yang Zhou and Jingyi Zheng.

#28. Identifying Taxonomic Units in Metagenomic DNA Streams. [PDF]
Vicky Zheng, A. Erdem Sarıyüce and Jaroslaw Zola.

#35. SODA: Detecting Covid-19 in Chest X-rays with Semi-supervised Open Set Domain Adaptation. [arXiv]
Jieli Zhou, Baoyu Jing and Zeya Wang.