Accepted Research Papers

#8. Revisiting Parameter Estimation in Biological Networks: Influence of Symmetries. [bioRxiv Link]
Jithin Sreedharan, Krzysztof Turowski and Wojciech Szpankowski.

#13. Machine Learning based Prediction of Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements.
Manisha Panta, Avdesh Mishra, Md Tamjidul Hoque and Joel Atallah.

#19. A pipeline for integrated theory and data-driven modeling of genomic and clinical data. [PDF]
Vineet Raghu, Xiaoyu Ge, Arun Balajee, Daniel Shirer, Isha Das, Panayiotis Benos and Panos Chrysanthis.

#20. Cell Images Classification using Deep Convolutional Autoencoder. [PDF]
Caleb Vununu, Suk-Hwan Lee, Eung Joo Lee and Ki-Ryong Kwon.