Accepted Research Abstracts

#5. Integrated Ensemble Machine Learning Feature Selection for Biomarker Discovery - The Diabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young (DAISY).
Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson, Lisa Bramer, Sarah Reehl, Brigitte Frohnert, Kathy Waugh, Andrea Steck, Jill Norris and Marian Rewers.

#6. ReconEP: Deep Learning Enabled Methylomic Epihaplotype Reconstruction.
Minghao Li and Quan Long.

#7. Constructing Information-Lossless Biological Knowledge Graphs from Conditional Statements. [arXiv Link]
Tianwen Jiang, Tong Zhao, Bing Qin, Ting Liu, Nitesh Chawla and Meng Jiang.

#9. Enabling naturalistic neuroscience: Mining large-scale human behavior recordings. [PDF]
Satpreet Singh, Rajesh Rao and Bingni Brunton.

#10. Distillr: Detecting differential enrichment regions with multi-sample CUT&RUN/ChIP-seq data by using a nonparametric statistical approach.
Robert Amezquita, Hongzhe Li, Yumou Qiu and Qian Vicky Wu.

#11. An Interpretable Estimator of Bacterial Composition Matrix in Metagenomics Data.
Yuxiang Xie, Kwun Chuen Gary Chan and Raymond Wong.